What are preserved roses?

Our roses are grown in a greenhouse at Ecuador. When they are cut the roses will take a special bath treatment so they can be preserved up to 3 years. The treatment will replace the hydrated cells so they can be keeped in the prime state. After that they will get dyed the right color, we have every color you would love. 

What is the story behind Roses of Eternity? 

The founder of Roses of Eternity bought roses every few weeks for their home to refill all the vases. That made the founder thinking, quickly after that the preserved roses where found. A great solution for sustanability and decoration for your home. Roses of Eternity is establised in 2020 and is transitioned to a luxury gifting and home decoration brand. 

How to take care of the preserved roses? 

- Place the florals in a room temprature environment
- If dusty lean lightly with a duster
- Be carefull with transporting the arrangement its is very fragile

- Do not place in direct sunlight. 
- Do not water
- Do not place anything on the florals it can crush them
- Avoid temprature differences
- Avoid a dusty location

With your order an instruction manual will be delivered. 
In short, unique real roses that you can enjoy for years. 

Can I take the roses out of the box?

No, you can not take the roses out of the box. They are meant to stay in the box to enjoy a happy and longlife. If you want to take them out of the box, it is at own risk some arrangements are glued to the base and will destroy the arrangement.

Can I place a custom order at Roses of Eternity?

Yes, you can create custom orders at Roses of Eternity. You can choose every color rose you can think of, patterns, shapes and more. Please contact our customer support and provide your details info@rosesofeternity.com

Are the preserved roses real roses?

Yes, they are! It feels, smells and looks the same as a real rose because it is a real rose. Lots of customers think they are fresh roses when they received their order, but it are preserved roses that last up to 3 years! 

How do the preserved roses last up to 3 years?

The cells in the rose has been hydrated, after hydration the cells have been filled up again with a non-toxic solution so they can be preserved up to 3 years. After that they will get dyed to keep their colors and freshness. We have a range of many different colors, all colors you can think of. 


Does Roses of Eternity deliver?

Yes, you can order an arrangement trough our webshop and fill in the shipping adress. After we have received your order we will process and ship out your order.

Where does Roses of Eternity ship to? 

We ship out the order to all over the world from our warehouse in the Netherlands, please note shipping costst vary depending on destination. Check here the current shipping times, shipping costs will be calculated at checkout.

Is it possible to pick up the delivery at Roses of Eternity?

Yes, you can please contact us before you order so we can note it down and make an appointment when you can pick it up at our warehouse. info@rosesofeternity.com

What is your return policy?

Please check this page for more information of our current return policy

What if my order has been arrived damaged? 

If your order has been arrived damaged, you need to contact our support within 48 hours after delivery. Provide in your e-mail your ordernumber and pictures of the damaged flowers  info@rosesofeternity.com


Contact our Roses of Eternity customerservice:
+31 0616629615

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm GMT+1